Gloucester on the world stage

I was delighted to be invited to Gloucester by Jane (G) and Jane (C-D) who both work for the county adult education service. They had a great plan to run a European Study visit and had invited 12 colleagues from around Europe to come and share experiences of using E learning.

As so often at these events I was just amazed at the standard of English of the participants. Moodle is certainly proving popular across Europe so we talked a lot about Martin Dougiamas’ ideas. I also enjoyed learning from Wolfgang from Dusseldorf how he and his German colleagues have just decided not to bother with a full VLE but to use simple Wikis in school – they have landed on a simple wiki tool which I think he said was called called PDwiki – this seems to be it :

I also learned a lot from colleagues from Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Turkey, Spain, Germany. One project I was really pleased to be introduced to was TACCLE Teachers’ Aids on Creating Content for Learning Environments – some great free teachers’ resources here

Gracia Sebastien!

And a big thanks to the two Janes and the whole group for making it all work.


3 Responses to “Gloucester on the world stage”

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  2. Michela Says:

    A great experience 🙂

  3. Sebastián López Says:

    Alastair, thanks a lot for your pleasant comment about project TACCLE. I am very happy to meet you in Gloucester!

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