Becta in bonfire?

The much heralded Bonfire of the Quangos has been lit! The first sacrifice is Becta – government agency leading on adoption of technology in learning. Having worked at Becta some years ago I have a view on how such a body – with the right staff team – really can make a difference on the ground.

The controversy over their role – especially around open source – has been voiced elsewhere but we can only mourn the loss of a focus which the agency provided for the work of making sure technology is used well with learners.

It is almost 10 years to the day since I started working at Becta alongside Fred Garnett his blog on the demise of Becta is well worth reading
Fred’s Blog

I have to say that this piece is Fred at his best – he has that wonderful ability to combine in one piece being visionary, provocative, inspirational and plain wrong (in my opinion !) . Take a look!


3 Responses to “Becta in bonfire?”

  1. fred6368 Says:

    Hi Alastair,
    thanks for the supportive comment about my hurriedly written blog post rant. I have changed the sentence around which might answer some of your criticisms.
    Hope this helps

  2. dontgetlost Says:

    Hi Fred thanks yes it does help.

    Don’t take offence that I don’t always agree with you – it is part of the value of your comments that they bold and brash always provoke a response! In fact I felt you waxed a bit too lyrical about NLN and maybe the debate about that initiative could rage for a whole night in a pub!

  3. fred6368 Says:

    Thanks, I agree with you about the necessity of a debate. I was of the opinion that Labour had to go because they were a broken record, more project management, some great aspirations, little understanding of learning, less of informal learning, etc! I’ve tweaked the post a little more as it is being widely-read due to genuine shock abroad at its closure. Have you seen the “new” NLN ( a genuine learning sequence tool. I wonder what will happen to the assets?

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