Triple Honours

Today saw Jane Carter-Dunn of Gloucestershire Adult Ed service receive the Tony Burgess E Guide award. The award recognises the achievement Jane has made in moving Gloucestershire Adult Ed into the 21st century – I think this award is richly deserved – she is always dreaming up new and imaginative ways of of using technology within their service. The award is named after Tony Burgess who was himself a champion (some would say a buccaneer) of e-learning and he died very sadly and very suddenly only a few years ago. The final honour should actually go to Angela Sanders who, in 2002, was the visionary practitioner from Oxfordshire who conceived the E-Guide training scheme. The programme has now trained up 3,000 E-Guides who are busy out there cascading their skills in e Learning to their colleagues.

Award preented

Jane Carter-Dunn receiving her award


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