Gruntvig and Leonardo Contact Seminar – Brighton

Thanks very much to Ecorys for inviting me to speak at their Leonardo and Gruntvig contact seminar in Brighton last week. With participants from over 30 countries it was great to mix with so many people who were exciting about using technology to light up the experience of their learners.

I promised a few links and extra resources so here goes.

Staff training
NIACE has now trained 2994 E Guides on a three day course in using technology with adult learners. You can access all course materials

Volunteer Digital Activisit Programme

The digital activisit programme operates in the East Midlands of England. The web site gives detaiks of the programem and te ytraining materials will be availbale to use from 2011

Digital Activist Inclusion Network.

E Maturity

We taked of finding ways to measure your orgasniations E Maturity (how effective you are at using technology with your learners)

About E Maturity

E Portfolios

I did have to skip over E portfolios. Ther is s lot to talk about here and I think this little video starts the ball rolling quite well.


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