World Book Night – sweltering in Cambridge with Kate Atkinson

So tonight – 5 March – is World Book Night.   Interesting idea, as I am one of the million people who have been given a book to ‘read, enjoy and then share’. Mine is one of 25 titles which have been printed and distributed.  There are 25 titles being given away but the one I have, Case Histories by Kate Atkinson, is set in Cambridge (UK)  during an unusually long hot summer.  It was the  setting that drew me to it as I experienced a sweltering  Cambrige summer in 1982.  The book opens to decribe a sad and unhappy marriage in which professors of mathmatics get a rather ‘poor press’.

 I knew nothing of the autors Kate Atkinson but tinterweb  tells me several times that she graduated a year before me, was born in New York, now lives in Edinburgh. I have yet to discover whether she actualy passesd a sweltering summer in Cambridge herself, or indeed whether she actually ever met a maths professor as cold and distant as the one she introduces on page 18 when she descibes how at 36 he married a woman of 18

I am now at page 28  – so some way to go! I hope we are not supposed to sit up all night reading on World Book Night!


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