Internet radio GBH threat turns out to be celtic music from Boston.

I finally splashed out on a wifi internet radio which can stream hundreds of radio stations from around the world.  It is a top name – a Roberts. Not cheap  although I got a discount.   In truth it cost me more than I had budgeted for frivolity this month!

I have to say I am finding it is money well spent as I go off virtual globe-trotting each night visiting radio stations from far off places I have already visited or places on my ‘love to go’ to list.

Berliner Rundfunk is fun and it take me to me Lieblingstaat and France Bleu Auvergne helped me sharpen my ear for spoken French. However the station which got my feet tapping (in bed even!) was playing celtic music from Boston Massachusetts. It patrt of the national public radion network in America and like all stations over there is known by its three letter call sign WGBH – not sure if the guys in Boston know that we use GBH to mean Grievous Bodily Harm in the UK – but the station  does no harm at all – only good – check out WGBH.


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