Ageing Society – new technologies and lifelong llearning – Naomi Sargant debate

I am sitting at Channel 4 listening to the Naomi Sargant debate.

David Puttnam chairing this very welll. Very mixed contributions. Lots of slaps on back for Channel 4 and Open University but the audience is really struggling to address the topic head on. Michelle Mitchell from Age UK probably closest to the point especially as she referenced My Friends online. My question about deeper and broader skills than the buttonology of Raceonline 2012 ! Ah well.

Puttnam being very critical of Ofcom having failled on media literacy! Interesting perspective – he may well be right but the method for addressing this is non obvious !

NIACE (The National Institute of Adult Continuing Education, England and Wales). A company limited by guarantee registered no. 2603322 and registered charity no. 1002775, Registered address: 21 , De Montfort Street, Leicester, LE1 7GE, UK

NIACE (Sefydliad Cenedlaethol Addysg Barhaus i Oedolion, Lloegr a Cymru). Cwmni cyfyngedig drwy warant rhif cofrestredig 2603322 ac elusen rhif cofrestredig 1002775, Cyfeiriad cofrestredig: 21 , De Montfort Street, Caerlyr, LE1 7GE, DU


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