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Workshop for teachers

Alastair Clark

This is the title of a workshop I am preparing for an ICT in learning conference.   It really will look at ways of using technology to improve formative assessment. Good formative assessment helps teachers adapt their teaching to meet the real needs of their learner and better still it can help students see how they are progressing and to set their own goals. Of course like anything where teaching and technology meet – it needs to be done well!

We will experiment in the 3 hour workshop with several techniques. A few links below may be helpful for people who attended as well as those who didn’t.

Class room response systems

Turning Point

Online surveys:

Popular free survey tool Survey Monkey

Online survey which allows Arabic text: Smart Survey

Quiz software

There are many quiz software products available. The one we tried out in the workshop was>

Hot Potatoes

Online shared documents

Several are based on the Etherpad software which was made open source

Type with me

Pirate pad

Recording Skills

Video is powerful for this and the simple cameras which craete small easily downloadable files can be great.

Flip Video

Audio recordings can be less intimidating and create smaller file sizes.

Windows has its own recording software but small hand held voice recorders can be more portable.

An interesting Olympus model

More Reading

Clark A, Hussein-Ahmed S  Signalling Success

Clark A, Betts S  Assessment for learning
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