How well am I doing? Part 2

It has been great to arrive in Qatar for the fourth annual Exploring ICT in Education Conference.

Jeff Piontek from Hawaii kicked off the event with a talk entitled ‘Global Learners Global Leaders’. Jeff had good stuff to say about enabling technology to move us to more exploratory and collaborative ways of learning and he got the event a mention in the Gulf Times . He was follwed in the main room by Kevin Burden from University of Hull talking about ‘User Generated Context’ – Fred Garnett has been using this phrase for eons and – it is to quote Basil Fawlty, ‘Bleeding Obvious’ but sadly not for all teachers yet.

My workshop on Recognising and Recording progress and achievement went under the title of ‘How well am I doing?’. A great bunch of teachers with very different levels of ICT skill.

We may even get some feedback here. The first exercise was for all 20 of the group to video the introductory 4 minutes – so here is just one of those videos:


2 Responses to “How well am I doing? Part 2”

  1. Wolfgang Says:

    Gefällt mir ! Meetings W.

  2. dontgetlost Says:

    Danke Wolfang. Deise Workshop ist fur 3 Studen pro Tag fur 3 Tage. Noch ein mal desise abend 16.30 bis 19.30. Wir werden ein video von ein Flugzeuz aus Papier machen Heute!

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