Sense of place needs more love

The Sense of Place seminar I led at the Derbysbire Eco Centre yesterday was very much an experiment. It was an experiment for me with running the programme and an experiment for the 11 participants. We based the two hours loosely on the work of America Geographer Le Fu Tuan and his book Topophilia. Time was tight but the main activity centred around reflecting on how people choose to describe places of importance. I produced and observation sheet as as discussions starter – it was pointed out to me there were lots of tick boxes but no box for the strongest of emotions of love and hate! I have said enough – I will let Ray say more in this video…….

This was a freebie – I rather think we should do this again.


One Response to “Sense of place needs more love”

  1. Rach Says:

    does indeed sound like a great day out Ray.

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