Quick Reads stir me to get animated

Why do I do this to myself? The national Quick Reads 2012 campaign kicks off today and apparently I said I would post a video on this blog today!   Me and my big mouth!

What are Quick Reads?

Quick Reads are short books – about 100 pages long – written by well known authors.  The Quick Reads website says that Millions have fallen in love with reading again through Quick Reads.

The campaign sells the idea like this:

If you’re too busy for long books; want a quick read for the train, tube or bus; or think reading is difficult or dull, Quick Reads are for you.

A quick animation about Quick Reads
Well I had better put my money (or video) where my mouth is!

This is my starter for 10 but I feel sure they others can raise the standard – so do use the comment section below and send links to any other Quick Reads animations videos.


Falling , yes I am falling………



4 Responses to “Quick Reads stir me to get animated”

  1. Away from the hills I got animated by Quick Reads « Don't Get Lost – Blog Says:

    […] out the quick reads quick animation Like this:LikeBe the first to like this […]

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  3. alastairjclark Says:

    Thanks to you Kev – your comments on the blog are most welcome and always concise!

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