UfI funding expand project categories from 6 to 14

At the launch of UfI Charitable Trust funding in May the supporting paper set out 3 main areas of work each with two sub groups (see previous post).  When the UfI web site opened for applications yesterday it asked that proposals fit within  one of fourteen categories! Of course these still fit broadly within the three areas set out in the paper Scaling Up:

  • Increase capability
  • Exploit networks
  • Harness computers

However, as project proposals have to select just one theme from the fourteen available it does make it rather harder to make a coherent broad offer – the very thing you need it you are really going to ‘scale up’!

So anyone bidding needs to indicate that JUST one of these sits at the core of their proposal:

Increasing capability

  • Analytical tools
  • Online courses for learning professionals
  • Advocacy with leaders
  • Competencies, career paths & curricula
  • Short accredited online courses for learning professionals


  • Exploiting networks
  • Open source to curriculum production
  • Peer assessment
  • Crowd-sourcing diagnostic mathematics questions
  • Free resources in vocational courses


  • Harnessing computers
  • Sims, games & virtual environments
  • Online numeracy / mathematics
  • Adaptive learning
  • Technology-supported, problem-based learning
  • Cloud-based education systems

7 Responses to “UfI funding expand project categories from 6 to 14”

  1. Seb Schmoller Says:

    Read the FAQ…….. http://www.ufi.co.uk/apply/faq#t28n122

  2. dontgetlost Says:

    I have seen that FAQ already thanks Seb. It still means a different way of focusing proposals. Also, I see that in fact the PDF of the application form actually lists the priority headings (eg Increasing capacity) and the ‘areas’ (eg analytical tools) together. This means that in fact there are 14 areas not 17 as I originally reported and I will amend the posting.

    • Seb Schmoller Says:

      Alistair. Because the 17 headings include the three main areas and the 14 “aspects”, it looks to me as if you can either select one of the three original main areas or one of the 14 aspects. And judicious application of http://www.ufi.co.uk/apply/faq#t28n122 would enable a bidder to explain their thinking anyway. [For the avoidance of doubt I’ve had no involvement in the process design.]

  3. dontgetlost Says:

    Doubt avoided: I never suspected for a moment that you had designed the process Seb!

    Enough said on this and three cheers for ‘judicious application’ of the guidance.

  4. dontgetlost Says:

    FINAL ANSWER: I have now worked through the online form and the online version (which has to be used) is not set out in the same way as the PDF and the main ‘areas’ can not be selected there – so you are expected to select a specific ‘aspect’ as the main focus of a proposal.

  5. Katy Says:

    Just to let you know that this issue is now fixed – and the pdf of the blank form is now improved, and an accurate reflection of the webform. Hope that helps 🙂

  6. dontgetlost Says:

    Thanks for the info Katy

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