#oercamp Pirates and OER

After a short bike ride north from the University of  Bremen along a dyke, I came  to the small town of  Lilienthal which was having a festival. In amongst the stalls, music and eating opportunities I came across a stand for the Piraten Partei.

Orange tent with publicity for German Pirate Party

Whilst the guys I spoke to had no idea what I meant by the term ‘Open Educational Resource’, their eyes lit up at the words ‘Creative Commons’  and after some  help from a guy called Andrew Reitemeyer (Thanks Andrew) I have tracked down the English language version of their manifesto where they state:

The Pirate Party demands that all content created by public authorities or with public subsidies be freely accessible to the general public.

This is exactly what I had expected but a little surprising that the is no specific commitment to the nuts and bolts of OER creation and sharing as they were discussed in depth in the Bar Camp – maybe the Party’s Education  (Bildungs) Group will explore that?

I was also unable to discover if any other German parties have a similar commitment to OERs – maybe someone who reads this blog can help with the answer or  is it only the Pirates who are using the language of open content?


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