Biodiversity, techno diversity, finding the right learning mix.

Fascinating insight to the world of learning around Biodiversity at conference run by Derbyshire County Council last Saturday. I blogged this and I was impressed with the energy and enthusiasm of those involved – but they were the ‘keenies’ who’d given up their weekend for something they care about. ‘

There was a lot of discussion which really focused on developing emotional attachment to he natural world through games and tactile experiences. This was often portrayed as an antidote to the global and virtual worlds with which learners more often engage.

O M G ! I have my heart in both camps , even through they are sometimes portrayed as being at odds and I find myself backed in to a corner defending computer games by colleagues wearing fleeces and wellies!

Of course the access to mobile apps like really can make a powerful link between these two exciting and emotionally charged areas of learning.

Listening to the discussions about use of technology more generally in this area I m left feeling hat there really is a way to go in making a really meaningful integration…………. I feel a new passion coming on.


One Response to “Biodiversity, techno diversity, finding the right learning mix.”

  1. alastairclark Says:

    I notice that Seb Schmoler (ex CEO ALT) is making a presentation at Online Educa on ‘how-progress-can-inhibit-learning’!

    Seb is always good for calming the techie evangelists

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