From Derbyshire mud to e-learning in Berlin. I will chair technology and languages.

Speaker at OEB 2011

I am now giving my muddy boots a rest as I move from the Navigation and Biodiversity training of the last couple of weeks to get ready for the Online Educa conference  in Berlin next week.

Berlin is not only   my favourite city of all time (well I didn’t used to think much to cities at all until I cycled along the Spree and then up to Prenzlauerberg), but I am really pleased to be  chairing a session on the ‘ Status of language learning and the use of ICTs ‘.

Elisabeth Della Donne from Italy will kick us off by taking  a look at the messages from the Network of European Language Label Initiatives and Projects (or NILLIP for short).  I hope we get some good insights      into some innovative practice that can be replicated.

Elisabeth will be followed by  Brendan Ó Sé of Cork, Ireland, who has some exciting messages about methods that empower English Second Language learners to use technology to create their own content. User Generated Content is much talked about but not so often used – so I am, really looking forward to this one.

Finally Michael Carrier, from the British Council, will look at the opportunities for language learning on the move with mobile devices.  Now that we have explosive computing power in our pockets, it will be great to here from Michael’s work across the world in this area.

I look forward to a lively debate in the room, along the Kurfurstendamm up to Alexanderplatz and then over the web.

I’m looking for the learning to be stirring!   Expect plenty of blog postings (and in the haste of the event maybe even the odd typppo!)



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