More £££ for English and Maths on apprenticeships

At the Association of Colleges national conference this week, Skills Minister, Mathew Hancock  announced a raised commitment to funding for literacy and numeracy (oops – sorry, now renamed – English and Maths!)

The minister announced  that “…. to show the value we attach to English and Maths, and to make sure you’ve got the resources to deliver, today I’m announcing we are doubling the amount we pay for adult English and Maths functional skills, and for English and Maths within an Apprenticeship.”

This is a vote in favour of the basic skills but not including ICT.  Let’s see if this money manages to lever real change!





3 Responses to “More £££ for English and Maths on apprenticeships”

  1. nivekd Says:

    So, along with newspapers and babies, these skills are to be ‘delivered’. Did he say that this would be ‘going forward’?

  2. alastairclark Says:

    I feel quite confident that the whole speech was suitably fortified with the necessary protective cliches Kevin.

    As to ‘delivery’ I know how this makes people bristle when they see it as a commodification (it is a word, honest!) of education.

    I am less sensitive to this use as I have been both excited and stimulated at times by the arrival of babies, newspapers and even doorstep milk!

  3. nivekd Says:

    There is something positive in all the three things you mention…. delivery brings pleasure, joy, hope, satisfaction… and then there’s the Tory kind. 😉

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