What’s Stirring? 13 E-Learning issues for 2013.


It’s been a busy E-learning autumn starting with the September (ALT) conference  and running right up to the recent landmark events: Online Educa Berlin (OEB)  and NIACE – Innovating Learning (BBC – Media City Salford).

There’s been lost in between as well: OER Bar Camps, TEL final report…. I could go on but I have pulled together my thoughts on E learning for adult learners in what I call E for Exciting – ‘a potent mixture of synthesis, analysis and unsupported opinion!’ Take a read and post your comment.

What’s Stirring? PDF



3 Responses to “What’s Stirring? 13 E-Learning issues for 2013.”

  1. Jöran (@jmm_hamburg) Says:

    Finally I made the 12 pages… 😉
    Thank you for sharing, Alastair! There were some great hints in this for me. I even tried out the Aurasma App but it did not work for me. There are no places nearby and the photo was not recognized.

  2. David Hughes Says:

    Really enjoyed reading this and learnt a lot from it so thanks for putting it together and please keep doing them from time to time. On the Bring Your Own Device, the other risk is that poorer students might not have the best and latest technology, so you have to be careful not to accentuate those already advantaged with money…..

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