Gemeinsam durchs Netz – Messages from German ‘Get Online’ conference.

Th conference ‘Gemeinsam durchs Netz’ is running today in Berlin as part Get on line Week.
With an impressive array of federal policy makers present and plenty of front line activists.
Brought together under the ‘Internet Erfahren’ partnership of third sector, the event was hosted by Deutche Telekom in Berlin.

My iPage was logged on to Google translate all day so i really can not claim i understood every word was said, but i have been working on my German and i really did get the gist of the key messages!

E Learning
Dr Michael Cordes from the research irganisation, Stiftung Warentest outlined the results of a national E Learning survey . Predictably, when asked about online learning resources the results showed higher score for ‘i have heard of this’ than ‘i believe this is useful’ sThe discussion about pedagogy keeps returning to he importance of ‘Didaktik’ and i have to keep pinching myself to remember this not translate as ‘didactic’ but something more benign like ‘pedagogic’.

The acclaimed literacy platform got plenty of ‘air time ‘ as did online learning programme designed for older learners at

Tablets are the future!
During the conference I tweeted a headline to this effect only to get a response that ‘they work well for headaches’. I was in ‘mission to make sure technology works for us’ mode so I missed the joke! Not like me, but with tablet ownership predicted to reach over 55 % of the European population by 2017, the implications for learning providers are no laughing matter. With increasingly intuitive interfaces let’s hope we get something more empowering ha step by step software guides.

Stiftung Digitale Chancen, the German third sector body headed up by Jutta Croll, have kicked off some research to use of tablets (not pills Pam, we are talking hand held computers!) . Here is Deniz explaining the project and early findings ( she does speak on German but stick with the video cos you get an English summary.

A view from a small island
A modest man with beard and glasses delivered a fifteen minute perspective from the UK, offering a brief historical overview but also drawing out some key conclusions from the digital inclusion edition of ALT -J in December 2012. Jane Seal and William Dutton co edited the edition and called for digital inclusion activists to take more time to reflect and to ensure that their programmes do ‘more than deliver competence’  Presentation slides 


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