German adult educators go for Web 2.0 and explore OERs

The latest edition of the DIE Zeitschrift fuer Erwachsenerbildung is devoted to the power of Web 2.0 (the read-write web)  in adult learning. This may not be news to UK based educators but I wonder if we really are exploiting the full power of user-generated content?  Sure enough we encourage learners to communicate via forums and to source material from Youtube and Ted Talks, but are students – learning through creation?  I don’t see much of that happening.


DIE is the German equivalent of NIACE

DIE is the German equivalent of NIACE

My modest contribution to the latest edition is a piece on the role of Open Educational Resources in Adult Ed.

English version of the article. OEP-DIE-alastairclark

Although OERs are not necessarily Web 2 the OER movement is certainly under-developed in adult ed. Indeed when I sought suggestions for OERs used with adult learners, many of the most popular resources quoted were not strictly OER as pointed out very firmly by Cable Green in a response to an earlier post!

Alastair Clark's article

Alastair Clark’s article


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