Peaceful resolution to Ghanaian election dispute?

The 2012 election gave a victory to John Mahama  of the NDC .

Here he is on an election poster.



 His poster and those of the opposition  NPP are stil in evidence in the streets a year later. Why?   

The trouble was that the opposition – the NPP just didn’t agree that the fight had been fair and there were accusations of vote rigging.  When this happened in neighbourisy Cote d’Ivoire the government barricaded themselves in the presidential palace protected by tanks and civil war started.  Ghanaians kept telling me that this would not happen and great store was held on the independence and wisdom of the Supreme Court who will pronounce their verdict in whether the elections were fair on July 31st (not long now as I post this message) .  Newspapers called for citizens to accept the Supreme Court ruling and we even met ‘The Ghana Walker’ who was dressed in a Ghana flag and had been walking across the country encouraging fellow citizens to stay calm and to accept the process of law – even if they don’t like the message. Since becoming the first colonial territory in sub Saharan Africa to gain independence, Ghana has seen its fair share of military rule and dictators but for the last 20 years governments have been democratically elected. I picked up a  strong vibe  that people liked this idea . We even met a man walking around Ghana wearing a suite in the flag colours campaigning for acceptance of the Supreme Court ruling.



Let’s see what happens after 31 July and hope the winner is the rule of law! 



One Response to “Peaceful resolution to Ghanaian election dispute?”

  1. alastairclark Says:

    The Supreme Court finally announced its decision that John Mahama’s National Democratic Congress had won the 2012 election fairly and that he should stay in office as President. The challenge to the election result had come from the New Patriotic Party who had cast doubt on the validity of 4 million votes.

    However, in the run-up to the announcement, all parties in Ghana were committed to accepting the Court’s result and the large scale deployment of security offices proved unnecessary as NPP leader Nana Akufo-Addo said he was disappointed but accepted the verdict and urged his supporters to do likewise.

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