Association for Learning Technology – Conf at Nottingham

It is always inspiring to arrive at a conference like this and mix with so many people who have so many ideas of ways to make learning more exciting.

Lots of stuff buzzing around but a recurrent theme – resonating especially well with the keynote opening speech from Rachel Wenstone from NUS – is the untapped potential of developing genuine partnerships with learners in co creating new learning methods and environments. Of course easier achieved in campus-based universities with full time students but you know, the principle applied equally well to work with part time adult students.

Skills Minister, Matthew Hancock kicked off the event with a video message of good will but his influence was also felt in the afternoon session which outlined the work of the FELTAG group that he has set up to explore ways of helping technology to ‘disrupt’ the FE system!

Yep! the brief actually talks about disruption, and for my money, giving more space to learners to use digital tools to learn through creation is pretty much one of the most positive disruptions we can seek in this area.  Easy to say but tough to achieve when many teachers are nervy about bringing digital tools into the learning mix.

There are dozens of examples of adult learners getting enormous benefit from digital creation  but with a hard pressed part time workforce we really need to offer the best support and training we can to enable this significant change.

In an education increasingly  obsessed with the size of its MOOCS – I suggest we need a few MILCs  (micro, individualised learning creations!)

More to follow!


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