Some URLs for ULRs – key points from talk to Communications Workers Union

It was great to meet so many committed Union Learning Representatives (ULRs) at the Communications Workers Union network conference in Bournemouth today.  We covered a lot in a short space of 10 minutes that I was given to address Informal and non formal learning in a digital age. ( I did run over a bit!).

It seems a good idea to offer you ULRs (and anyone else reading the blog) some URLs(Uniform Resource Locators – web addresses to most of us) ,

Non-formal learning  a definition which places this as structured learning with no formally accredited outcome

Cultures of the Internet in  Britain  – report from Oxford Internet Survey 2013  – identified 5 typologies of user.

Open Educational Resources  OERs a definition

OERs – on Jorum Repository  – many open materials produced with public funding in the UK.

OpenLearn  – free and open materials from the open university

Community Learning Innovation Fund – these ‘projects in a box’ have materials and methods which can be shared. These innovative community learning projects were funded by Skills Funding Agency and managed by NIACE .

Futurelearn a consortium of UK universities offering MOOcs

The Maths MOOC  – not yet live but this link gives details of the Citizens’ Maths MOOC

And finally ——- the MOOC I have signed up for and which I am determined to complete  Introducing Ecosystems


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