Europe-wide view of Open Ed in Adult Ed.

Hot off the press is a study from Glasgow Caledonian University which surveys the state of Open Education across Europe for madult learners.

The full title is  Overview and Analysis of Practices  with Open Educational Resources in  Adult Education in Europe .

I was pleased to see that the authors, Isobel Falconer, Lou McGill, Allison Littlejohn and Eleni Boursinou recognise some important tension in this field:

  • Open versus Free
  • Mass participation versus Quality 

and the big one for me

  • Altruism versus marketisation

Just one part of the report looks at processes used by practitioners to select material. You’ll see that trusted organisations come out top (but Google and its search engine chums come  a close second )


There is a lot more to the paper than current attitudes and the paper is well worth a read to the point where it offers these key recommendations 

1. Recognise that ‘learning’ takes place everywhere

2. Extend the range of people and organisations who produce and use resources

3. Think of OER more broadly than as content 

4. Promote awareness of open licensing and its implications

5. Improve the usability of OER

6. Plan for sustained change

This is a superb moment to raise the debate about Open Ed in Adult Ed.

Why not use the moment to express your views ?

I certainly will! 

Report EUR 26258 EN 
Authors: Isobel Falconer, Lou McGill, Allison Littlejohn, 
Eleni Boursinou

Editors: Christine Redecker, Jonatan Castaño Muñoz, 
Yves Punie


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