Dragons roar at Derby University

For a second year I was invited to take on the role of ‘dragon’ in a den created by lecturer John Bowie Senior Lecturer at the University of Derby.

Basically these second year students had to research and plan a social enterprise and:

  • Provide a 20 minute group presentation which examines the current and evolving Welfare State Market Economy.
  • The presentation will demonstrate the group’sskills in Team Working and will explore the development of Agency, planning, budgeting the analysis of organisational effectiveness in relation to internal and external factors.
Alastair Clark - on the dragon panel,

Alastair Clark – on the dragon panel,

Along with fellow dragon, Stephen Wood, our job was to listen to the presentations and grill the teams afterwards.

Project  covered a wide range of activities including: resettlement for offenders, training for rough sleepers, support for people experiencing depression, digital inclusion,  addressing radicalisation and gang culture and domestic violence.


  • Jigsaw Project
  • Resolve
  • The Employment Incentive
  •  Techno Cafe
  •  Pathways for the Future
  • Fresh Start Your Choice
Leaflets and policies

Materials produced by the Employment Incentive Project .


Despite picking each team up on details of their proposal (it was my job after all!)  I was actually very impressed with the energy and commitment of this group of students . All wanted to find sustainable ways of making a difference. Good on yeh! Best wishes for course completion.


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