A day on a photo course with Tez Marsden

I have just finished a really useful day long photo course run at Bakewell by Tez Marsden

I took along my trustee Nikon DSLR camera in the hope that I would finally put it through its paces 3 years after receiving it as a wonderful birthday gift.

Three photographers

Tez taught us always to choose groups of anything (trees, boulders etc ) in odd numbers. So this line of three fellow students seemed a great way to make the point.

Tez put us through some useful reminders about: rule of thirds, depth of field and effects of shutter speeds. Then we all decamped and started clicking away down at the River Wye.

Weir on river with houses in background.

It took me some time to scramble along the bank to get this. It certainly counted as a lot better than many of the others I took.

Finally we had a go at exploring changes in aperture and shutter speed. This took us away from ‘Auto’ and back to those skills I learned years ago on old East German Praktika camera.

Slow shutter speeds seem to turn the waters of the Wye into fur!


A shutter speed of half a second turned the water of the Wye into sleek animal fur!

But as we set off back at the end of the day, the sun came out and I just had to catch the river from the town bridge.

Blue river and green fields.

The sky cleared as we set off back across the bridge.

Now I need to get out there are practise my skills!


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