Roaring Success for Derby Dragons

Group of three judges. 2 white men and one black woman

The Dragons – University of Derby – Health and Social Care, Dragons Den –

It was a great privilege to be invited by Senior Lecturer John Bowie to his Dragons Den exercise for students on the BA(Hons) Health and Social Care .

Six groups of students had each researched and planned a social enterprise to fill an unmet social need.

Along with fellow Dragons, Sharon Sewell and  Graham Masters it was our job to listen carefully to the six proposals and to subject them to rigorous questioning.

We may have come over as ‘tough cookies’ in our questioning but we all agreed that the students had invested a lot of time, thought and effort in each proposal and above all this was a great way to learn together in a ‘project-based’ learning approach.

The project has attracted some media interest an overall ‘winner’ will be announced next week but, to be quite honest I have to say that with this form of learner ‘everyone is a winner’ as it really was learning as learning should be.  The medal should go to John Bowie for dreaming up the plan and making it work!





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