Nos weekends – an Anglo French video Project

Ce projet vous propose la possibilité de participer dans une collaboration entre Derby (UK) et Mauriac (Fr) .


What ?

A video making project where a group of Derby-based adults learning French work with a partner group in Mauriac in France.  The two groups will use the French language to create a video in which they collaborate in creation if and in taking roles.

It follows a very successful collaboration in Autumn 2016 which started with films made in Derby and then a collaboration in Mauriac on ‘Le Songe de Theo


Who for ?

This is for anyone who has a basic knowledge of French (eg at least one year of evening class) .

Who for ?
This is for anyone who has a basic knowledge of French (eg at least one year of evening class) .

Why ?
This is a great way to practise existing language skills and to learn more vocabulary and structures through informal use rather than in a  formal class. It will also provide contact between groups of people and give an insight to life in ‘real France’ away from tourist locations.

When ?
This project will run during the Autumn of 2017 and will include a joint session filming in Mauriac late November 2017.

By November everyone has booked:

  • plane to and from Limoges
  • Hotel Ibis Budget in Limoges  Thurs 30 November

We have some confirmations of additional costs:

  • Travel- Limoges – Mauriac and return (coach)  100 Euros
  • Hotel Mauriac: Single rooms 48 Euro/night plus 8 Euro Breakfast: 112 Euro Total
  • (Double room = 116 Euro per night plus 8 Euro PP breakfast)
  • 4 meals at Mauriac approx 25 Euros per meal     100 Euros

What this is not!
This is not an official Derby Adult Learning Service activity. It is also not a package tour. Participants can make their own travel arrangements and will pay directly for hotel accommodation.

Le film

Scene 1 A group of workers meet on Friday in  a cafe to discuss their plans for the weekend.


The text read by French partners 

Our first attempt at acting the scene (not for public view)


Le group de Derby.



Scenes 2,3,4,5  

Text created by anglo French mini groups

Each group ends with a secret disaster.


Les ‘mini groups’

septembre – octobre

Scene 6


Ca deviens claire que les screts ne sonts plus secrets! Le group de Mauriac

novembre – decembre

Le programme

19  July / juillet Face to face meeting kicked off the project at the Markeaton Pub ‘
August / aout  Stay in touch by email
Saturday 23 September / le 23 séptembre

9.30 – 12.00

Please sign up with Derby Adult learning Service for this. To sign up 


Project Launch- Play reading practice

Record Scene 1

Visio conference avec Mauriac

Establish groups Derby/ Mauriac

October / octobre Groups communicate over their work on scenes 2,3,4,5.
November / novembre

30 novembre – 3 decembre


Joint filming weekend



Thursday 30 Nov

East Midlands: dep 18.40
Limoges arr. 21.20

Hotel a Limoges

Friday 1 December

Arrive Mauriac 10.30

Saturday 2 December
Filming all day

Sunday 3 December

Depart Mauriac ??

Arrive Limoges  ????

Limoges dep: 12.40
East Midlands arr:  13.20

Les Prix (approx)

Ryanair                                                100 GBP
Hotel                                                    150 GBP
Travel Limoges – Mauriac             100 GBP

Plus some meals.

Interested? Contact:



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