Nos weekends – an Anglo French video Project

Ce projet vous propose la possibilité de participer dans une collaboration entre Derby (UK) et Mauriac (Fr) .


What ?

A video making project where a group of Derby-based adults learning French work with a partner group in Mauriac in France.  The two groups will use the French language to create a video in which they collaborate in creation if and in taking roles.

It follows a very successful collaboration in Autumn 2016 which started with films made in Derby and then a collaboration in Mauriac on ‘Le Songe de Theo


Who for ?

This is for anyone who has a basic knowledge of French (eg at least one year of evening class) .

Who for ?
This is for anyone who has a basic knowledge of French (eg at least one year of evening class) .

Why ?
This is a great way to practise existing language skills and to learn more vocabulary and structures through informal use rather than in a  formal class. It will also provide contact between groups of people and give an insight to life in ‘real France’ away from tourist locations.

When ?
This project will run during the Autumn of 2017 and will include a joint session filming in Mauriac late November 2017.

What this is not!
This is not an official Derby Adult Learning Service activity. It is also not a package tour. Participants can make their own travel arrangements and will pay directly for hotel accommodation.

Le film

Scene 1 A group of workers meet on Friday in  a cafe to discuss their plans for the weekend. Le group de Derby.



Scenes 2,3,4,5  

Text created by anglo French mini groups

Each group ends with a secret disaster.


Les ‘mini groups’

septembre – octobre

Scene 6


Ca deviens claire que les screts ne sonts plus secrets! Le group de Mauriac

novembre – decembre

Le programme

19  July / juillet Face to face meeting kicked off the project at the Markeaton Pub ‘
August / aout  Stay in touch by email
Saturday 23 September / le 23 séptembre

9.30 – 12.00

Please sign up with Derby Adult learning Service for this. To sign up 


Project Launch- Play reading practice

Record Scene 1

Visio conference avec Mauriac

Establish groups Derby/ Mauriac

October / octobre Groups communicate over their work on scenes 2,3,4,5.
November / novembre

30 novembre – 3 decembre


Joint filming weekend



Thursday 30 Nov

East Midlands: dep 18.40
Limoges arr. 21.20

Hotel a Limoges

Friday 1 December

Arrive Mauriac 10.30

Saturday 2 December
Filming all day

Sunday 3 December

Depart Mauriac ??

Arrive Limoges  ????

Limoges dep: 12.40
East Midlands arr:  13.20

Les Prix (approx)

Ryanair                                                100 GBP
Hotel                                                    150 GBP
Travel Limoges – Mauriac             100 GBP

Plus some meals.

Interested? Contact:



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