Limoges – un gout de la France

Possible timings for an informal learning project in Limoges


Aim: to experience French langue used in context of a city visit and practise language learned to date.

Methods: A enjoyable two day visit to Limoges collecting information to sue for a short presentation in French


Jeudi le 22 octobre  

Depart East Midlands 13.10
Arrive Limoges 15.55       (£42 at time of writing)


Example Hotel de la Paix (under £100 for 2 nights)  – Trip Advisor

Vendredi le 23  octobre

Explore Limoges – collect info for final presentation from museums, shops and ceramic exhibition.

Learn that ’email’ in Limoges has nothing to do with the internet! Things to do and see 

Samedi le 24 octobre  

Spend morning in Limoges.

Depart Limoges 16.55

Arrive East Midlands 17.35  (Cost £42 at time of writing)


NB This is an informal learning opportunity and not officially run by any learning proviLider.


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